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CU Calendar 2024

Charles University announced the U(I)Kalendář 2024 competition for the best “photograph” or “picture” created by AI!

(UI = umělá inteligence = artificial intelligence)

Thank you all for participating in the U(I)Kalendář 2024 competition!

The wall calendar of Charles University for the year 2024 was dedicated to artificial intelligence.

Through the U(I)Kalendář 2024 competition, CU invited all students, employees, and alumni to create visual works related to the theme of Charles University using any program. The best 13 entries became part of the CU calendar for 2024 (12 monthly images + cover photo).

The competition also included the evaluation of two special awards, each rewarded with a cash prize of 10,000 CZK (one for a student participant and one for an employee participant).

A total of 97 entries were submitted for the competition. Out of these, 54 were selected as the best and presented to the jury for evaluation.

The U(I)Kalendář 2024 competition was created to raise awareness about the new promising technology of artificial intelligence and to promote the production and interest of not only the academic community but also in creating "photographs" or "images" in this field related to the activities of Charles University.

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